A New Let’s Play: The Legend Of Heroes 2

I recently finished my first Let’s Play on Link’s Awakening DX. So I thought what would be in interesting choice after this one? My choice fell on a RPG that I never heard of before. It’s The Legend Of Heroes 2: Prophecy Of The Moonlight Witch!

So how come my choice fell onto this game if I didn’t know it yet? In recent years the so called Trails series made its way to steam and with this to access for gamers worldwide. This one is but a small part of the series “The Legend Of Heroes” which is not as popular but similar large as the well known Final Fantasy series!.

With the first part known as Dragon Slayer, the series developed various more or less coherent arcs that are more known in Japan due to the first ones only having a japanese release. Since the remake Prophecy of The Moonlight Witch the series also made it’s way to the Playstation Portable with an US release. It is a role-playing video game originally developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation. It is also the third game in the series The Legend of Heroes, and the first in the “Gagharv Trilogy”. We are playing the re-release for the PlayStation Portable (2006).

The story is about Jurio a young boy who must travel to five sacred shrines as part of his warrior initiation rite. The lovely magician Chris accompanies him on his journey. But soon the two young people discover that they must face dangers far beyond those they have imagined.

Follow the Youtube Playlist underneath for a hopefully exciting journey