Sing “Yesterday” For Me: To Lay Down Past Regrets

Sing "Yesterday" For Me

So far we have seen nine episodes of the romance drama Sing “Yesterday” For Me. The anime is scheduled to have a 12-episode run and six additional bonus episodes. Those will be broadcast on the AbemaTV online portal after the broadcast ends.

It is the latest anime adaption of Studio Doga Kobo. We have seen many popular anime from them like “Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun”, “Himouto Umaru-chan”, the “Yuru Yuri” series and “How heavy are the dumbells you lift?”. Most of their anime are of the comedy genre so it’s interesting to see now a seinen, romance drama.

Sing “Yesterday” For Me is not your typical romance drama anime. The way they handle hardships and the feelings of the characters is not overplayed. It addressed deep-rooted problems well and it seems more like a modern coming-of-age story. The characters are depicted quite realistic even though there are cliche up and downs about who will be the girl that the main character choses in the end, but it’s not overly dramatic.

The Main Premise Is The Feeling of Past Regrets

The main premise of the show is the feeling of past regrets. Right from the start we have this in the characterization of Rikuo. He’s a young university graduate in the early twenties plagued by not committing his love to his former classmate Shinako Morinome. When he’s looking into the future he seems evasive and finds shelter in working part-time at a convenience store without
having any pressure.

His monotonous everyday life is interrupted when he meets the young, eccentric and energetic Haru Nonaka. Her eccentric kind is especially seen when we see her walking around with her pet crow called Kansuke.

At the same time Shinako, who is now a teacher returns to the city due to her transferring to a nearby school. Both of them meet each other and have a long chat about the old times. Old feelings come up and a complex romance story begins.

Each Character Shoulders Their Own Burden

But when we look at at each character we see that it’s not just Rikuo that is stuck with past regrets. Each character shoulders their own burden. Haru is living alone. She’s a young high school dropout working in a cosplay café bar. When we get more information about her she tells us that she’s meet Rikuo a long time ago but never had been able to confess to him.

On the other side we have Shinako who is still plagued by losing her former childhood friend. She’s caring in general and likes Rikuo because she knows that he’s a nice person. Still she restrains herself and turns him down at first.

The romance drama is perfect when we are introduced to Rou Hayakawa. He’s the childhood friend of Shinako, whose brother died. Rou is plagued by feelings for Shinako and is also unable to commit them. As the show progresses we see him becoming a rival to Rikuo.

The Character Development Is Inspiring

Later we see that the characters develop more positively. Rikuo lays down his past regrets, he confesses to Shinako. Haru interacts with Rikuo more and follows him around a lot. Shinako moves forward from her old life and we even see Rou finding the motivation to move forward through his art and trying to acquire the love of Shinako who is been admiring for so long.

Especially the theme of art is a recurring element that we see many times with Rou, with Rikuo
learning the art of photography and we also have a wonderful animation of the background.

We have the detailed art of the animation, it’s realistic, we see a lot of magical seeming places. Everything is lively and realistic and it really blends in with the core theme of the show. We also have some subtle and inspring choice of music.

A Wonderful Cast Rounds It Up

What makes the anime really interesting is the wonderful cast that we have. We have Kana Hanazawa as seiyuu of Shinako. We’ve seen her as Onodera in Nisekoi or Nadeko from the monogatari series. Then there is Yume miyamoto that voices Haru. We’ve seen her as Megumi in GJ-Club or Rikka in SSSS.GRIDMAN. Then we have Chikahiro Kobayashi as Rikuo. Much of you have heard him is Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy and Legoshi in Beastars. Last but not least we have Natsuki Hanae as the voice of Rou. Many of you might know him as Tanjiro in Demon Slayer and Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul. What also gave me a slight chuckle was the gallery director who is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka that we have seen as All For One in My Hero Academia.

The anime not only impresses with story but also with character interactions. Emotions are very realistic brought to the viewer, we see perfectly timed comedy and I really can recommend everyone to watch Sing “Yesterday” For Me. It’s a beautiful gem and you can learn so much about life from it.

Please support the anime and its creators at Studio Doga Kobo by watching it via Crunchyroll for example or buying the BD/DVD when it comes out. Crunchyroll also owns the license to the video samples I took. For more information on the anime check out the official website of Sing “Yesterday” For Me.

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